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Jago Print and Graphics is your specialist offset and digital printing shop based right here in New Plymouth, Taranaki, NZ.

We specialise in art and design, plate-making, printing, packaging, labelling and distribution to New Plymouth, the Taranaki, and throughout New Zealand.

Jago Print and Graphics are leaders in the field when it comes to digital and offset printing, and we love to get our hands on intricate print jobs that require focus, dedication and expertise.


Do you need to print a large quantity, have high image quality or re-print? Then you you’ll want Offset printing.

Offset requires plates to be created, colour applied in the traditional CMYK format and is suited to larger format jobs such as newspapers. Specific brand colours are also better suited to this technique. Offset is more cost effective with larger print runs as the cost involved is in the plate creation. The more you print, the less the price per unit cost.


Do you need to print a small or one-off, or need a quick turnaround? Then you’ll want digital printing.

Digital printing methods have improved dramatically over the past five years due to technological improvements. Digital is cheaper for small print runs and can be the solution for your urgent deadline.

Digital print has a higher cost per unit than offset, yet can produce on-demand, with short turnaround time and modification of images.


Do you need Teacher Plan books, refills, student diaries & school stationery?

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Jago Print and Graphics, is a print division of Annex Group team, in conjunction with NZPCGreenfrog and Aspect Signs.  The Annex Group Team is here to meet any of your printing needs from Auckland to Taranaki. Contact us today for a free quote.